is one of the NHL member team based in Montreal, Quebec which was founded in 1909,

Montreal Canadiens Home Away jerseys
Montreal Canadiens Home Away jerseys

the Montreal Canadiens is the longest continuously operating professional ice hockey team worldwide and are made of red white and blue color. find as left picture. Also different are wore in different occasions.

is a very young guy who was born in 1989 and was one of the members of the Montreal Canadiens. As we can see in below picture is a black with whiskers and when he in jersey looks professional and skilled as well. marked in 3rd in 2017 to 2018 season. One greatest news for him is made an trade with PK and got the season’s champion which make all fans shocked and surprised.

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was born August 16 1987 who plays for Montreal Canadiens of the NHL as well as PK Subban

Carey Price jersey 2018

and marking first player since his rookie year. Below picture with Carey Price jersey was during the 2017 to 2018 season recording 34 wins to get best career’s performance. One more box news is that Carey Price was married his wife by blind dating by his wife’s friend and currently they had one cute daughter named Liv. I think maybe Liv like the hockey as well.

was born in October 5 1965 who was already retired for years. But we still can not forget the imagine in jersey with 33 jersey. becomes all-time wins leader.

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From this reward we can tell how remarkable he is in NHL or Montreal Canadiens’ history. And why nowadays still a lot of his fans would like to sell of his 33 number. In his whole life story, we do hope we can leave a good impression for our generations when we are old and expect others still respect us like fans did to Roy.

Last but not least. Hope everyone could be this kind of impression guys like Patrick Roy.