Hi, I’m , this is my story. When I joined the football team in high school, all of them didn’t believe I would compete in the football game. I just think they didn’t see the talent that I had. But they still thought I was a zero in the team.

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I was just about to give up when I received a jersey from my dear father.

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The number on the jersey is “1 and 2”, my father told me that “1” means I was always NO.1 in his mind; “2” means I should always work twice as hard. Although it was a cheap jerseys, but it was powerful. He said if no one believes in you, anything you do is positive. It was not even about football any more, it was about proving them wrong.

I wanted to prove that I was not a zero. You keep talking, I keep shooting. Therefore, I just pracitced, practiced and practiced.Even though I hurt my legs badly in the practice. I didn’t give up and sit there being bitter. Because I firmly believe that I would success one day as long as I work twice as hard. Every time I wanted to give up in practicing, the “12” jersey would inspire me. And I told myself that I couldn’t give up, I should prove I would succeed.

every has a story

Finally, I made it. I joined the Philadelphia Eagles. I knew and . Then I knew, there was a story of every Philadelphia Eagles jersey. and jersey were no exception.

Now, I still wear NO.12 jersey, because it lets me know that I need to go out there and fight every day. Although I will meet difficulties sometimes, I always remember what my father said to me, if no one believes in you, anything you do is positive. I hope everyone, no matter what he does, he should always believe himself and work hard. In my mind, the number 1 and 2 will inspire me all the time. I’m the NO.1 and I will work twice as hard. I firmly believe that everything is possible, as long as you work hard and never give up.
Believe yourself, the world is yours!